Date: Wednesday January 23 – Thursday January 24

Location: NSCC – Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS)

The working theme, ‘Measuring the Reality of our World’ intends to surround the conference around the existing and emerging importance of sensor driven data.

Sensors High and Low: Measuring the Reality of Our World

  •  Event Hosts: Centre of Geographic Sciences(COGS), & the Applied Geomatics Research Group
  • Topic: 2-day conference focused on the exciting and emerging field of sensors
  • Bringing together experts from the geospatial community in remote sensing, cartography, surveying, artificial intelligence, engineering, and other geographic-related disciplines
  • Registration details to follow

The conference will concentrate this year on geomatics and sensors. Anything from sensors to acquire data, including remote sensing – laser scanning, optical, thermal etc., to in-situ sensors from various fields including Internet of Things integration as well as coastal-ocean sensors.

Presentations will engage and explore sensor integration in various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, telecommunications, building systems, lighting etc.  Conference organizers are keenly interested in talks  and papers related to collection of data by sensors, communication and internet access, spatial location, visualization, analysis and big data analytics related to how these data from sensors can be utilized to make smarter decisions in various fields and applications.

Examples of data and tools related to analytics (ex. Machine learning etc.) to better understand and help bridge a shared interpretation and future view of the important role sensors, sensory data and related applications play in our world.


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